MAS223 - Statistical Modelling and Inference

A bi-variate normal distribution (generated by Mathematica).

This is the course web page for the first semester of MAS223. Course notes, exercises and solutions will be posted here.
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Lectures are on Tuesdays at 4pm and Thursdays at 9am, in Lecture Theatre 1 of the Hicks building.

Tutorials are on Wednesdays at 12pm or Thursdays at 1pm, depending on which group you are in, during weeks 2,4,6,9,11. You can check which group you are in here.

Assignments will be set via email (& below), on Thursdays (weeks 2,4,6,9 and 11), after the tutorials finish.

Assignments will be due in by 4pm on Thursday, in the week after it was set (weeks 3,5,8,10 and 12). They should be handed directly to me in lectures, or to the dropbox at F10 stapled together with the right cover sheet for your tutorial group.

Solutions will be made available (below) shortly after work is handed in (weeks 3,5,8,10 and 12).

Office hours can be arranged by emailing the lecturer. Please suggest a range of times at which you are free.

Assessment is by an exam at the end of the whole course, and a practical project in the second semester of the course. The reference sheet of distributions below will be made available in the exam.

Lectures will use the blackboard, and occasionally slides.
Students should bring their own copy of the typed notes and examples to lectures, for reference and annotation.

Lecture notes
Example booklet, as referred to in the lecture notes.
Slides used for derivation of bivariate normal.
Slides used for likelihood examples.

Typos that have been found and fixed.


Assignment 1, to be handed in by 4pm on Thursday of Week 3: Q1.4, Q1.10, Q2.2, Q2.3.
Assignment 2, to be handed in by 4pm on Thursday of Week 5: Q3.4, Q3.8, Q3.10(a).
Assignment 3, to be handed in by 4pm on Thursday of Week 8: Q4.5, Q5.5, Q5.6(a).
Assignment 4, to be handed in by 4pm on Thursday of Week 10: Q6.5, Q6.7, Q6.9(a)
Assignment 5, to be handed in by 4pm on Thursday of Week 12: Q7.5(a), Q7.5(b), Q7.6

Discrete/continuous distributions reference sheet, which will be made available in the exam.

An Introduction to R (written by Prof Jeremy Oakley)

For past exam papers and solutions, see MOLE

Information about the second semester of MAS223, lectured by Dr Jonathan Potts, is available on MOLE.