MASx52 - Stochastic Processes and Financial Mathematics

The stock price of Lloyds Banking Group, from Sept 2012 to Sept 2017.

This is the course web page for MAS352, MAS452 and MAS6052, known collectively as MASx52. Course notes, exercises and solutions can be found below.
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Lecture notes (part 1), also containing exercises and solutions.
Lecture notes (part 2), also containing exercises and solutions.
Important note for 2019/20: due to industrial action, greyed out segments will not be covered, and will not be examinable.

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Assignment 1, Solutions
Assignment 2, Solutions
Assignment 3, Solutions
Assignment 4, Solutions
Assignment 5, Solutions

Formula sheet, which will be made available in the exam.
Past exam papers can be found on MOLE.

First/second year probability and analysis revision notes.