UK Easter Probability Meeting 2018

A workshop about:
Random Dynamics and Other Recent Developments

April 9th-13th, University Of Sheffield

For all enquiries relating to the conference, please contact us by email at

The local organizers are:

  1. Nic Freeman
  2. Jonathan Jordan
  3. assisted by the rest of the probability group at the University of Sheffield.

    If you are due reimbursement from the conference, you can use this form.
    Please attach original tickets and receipts, and send a paper copy of the form to:
    Dr Nic Freeman, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Hicks Building, Sheffield, S3 7RH, England.
    All claims must reach us by May 14th.

    We are grateful for support from E.P.S.R.C., the London Mathematical Society, the Heilbronn Inistitute for Mathematical Research, and the Applied Probability Trust.