UK Easter Probability Meeting 2018

A workshop about:
Random Dynamics and Other Recent Developments

April 9th-13th, University Of Sheffield

The conference dinner will be held on Wednesday evening at Maveli.
Participants should organize themselves on other evenings!

Eating out in Sheffield

There are many nice places to eat within a short walk of the Hicks building. A good selection of them can be found with a short walk down Glossop Rd/West Str.

Very close-by suggestions, 5 minutes walk or less, for quick evening meals:

  1. Las Iguanas (South/Latin American).
  2. Jin Ding (Chinese, Cantonese/Sichuan).
  3. Efes Restuarant (Turkish).
  4. Piccolo's (Italian).
  5. Pizza Express (Pizza).

Highly recommended, and within 5-20 minutes walk:

  1. Oisoi (Asian/European fusion cooking).
  2. Thyme Cafe (English).
  3. Chili Aroma (Chinese).
  4. VeroGusto (Italian).
  5. Primoz Cafe (Tapas, Mexican, South American)
  6. Stew & Oyster (English, stews and/or oysters).
  7. The Doctor's Orders (English, pub).
  8. Noodle Doodle (Malaysian).
  9. Aagrah (Indian, Kashmiri).
  10. Edo Sushi (Sushi, takeaway only).
  11. The Blue Moon Cafe (Vegetarian/Vegan).

You can find more places on the trip advisor page for eating out in Sheffield.